Because sometimes, it's the little things that make a difference.

Why choose Adjuvo for your care and support?

  • because we care about the quality of everything we do.

  • because it “all starts with you”

  • because we achieve nothing when in isolation; in collaboration and when driven by compassion, love and respect, we succeed.

  • because we do more than deliver high-quality personal care. We believe in people living the most active lives possible but we remain fully aware that Adjuvo offers services: services that must be shaped by our customers insofar as we are forever harnessing, respecting and championing their individual beliefs, opinions and ambitions.
    Our customers’ successes is our successes; our ambitions are theirs. Whilst we can read and acknowledge the validity of standard practice within our sector, our aim must always be using the goals that our customers have set as our foundation and guide – to transcend the sector.

  • because we strive at the heart of what customers want and measure their progress and development in ways that are meaningful to them. If it isn’t meaningful and measurable to our customers then it isn’t meaningful and measurable to us.

Thorough recruitment
We have a rigorous recruitment process at Adjuvo to ensure we recruit the right people for our customers. This process includes an in-depth interview, reviewing employment history, completing a criminal records Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and collating a complete selection of references. This ensures our workforce is suitably qualified to provide the highest levels of care for you.

Well trained - every member of the Adjuvo team completes an in-depth classroom and field-based induction including a Dementia workshop, to ensure they have all the skills required to offer you an excellent quality service. Ongoing training is implemented regularly to ensure our care team consistently provide you with the highest level of support.

Dedicated and diligent - we conduct reviews throughout the care process to consistently assess your service, encouraging feedback and ensuring we listen to our customers to help improve and develop the service we provide.