Because sometimes, it's the little things that make a difference.


We are resolutely committed to (1) delivering face to face training and (2) supporting all staff through nationally recognised health and social care qualifications but that is not all we do…”

The Academy
One of our greatest innovations and passions is the Adjuvo Training Academy which runs in parallel to each service.

The idea was born out of our frustration that people we support rarely seem to be involved in training alongside staff. The way training is normally delivered only serves to foster a hierarchical structure, whereby one group (staff) are more important to train/upskill than others.

We are committed to not only delivering training in an accessible way to staff, their families and their circle of support, but allowing all to be involved in the co-delivery and co-design of training. Everybody being side by side in training powerfully demonstrates and reinforces what we believe in. Wherever we work, everybody will be able to share opinions, learnings and perspectives. The people we support must be given every possible opportunity to inform what we do and instil in our work their perspectives, beliefs and ideas.

Positive Behavioural Support

At Adjuvo we are fastidious in our commitment to minimalising the triggers to behaviour that some find challenging. Our staff are trained to (1) observe potential triggers (2) to utilise assistive technology and the data the technologies captured and (3) to ensure the highest level of communication - clear, consistent, accessible and appropriate.

The principle of self-care and self-management are key. Knowledge and resources that we have must be shared so that every individual (and those who are important to them) have tools, backing and enthusiasm to take the lead in monitoring and reducing the frequency of their behaviours.