Because sometimes, it's the little things that make a difference.

Supported living

Health and social care is full of definitions and phrases few understand – whether the model of the care being delivered is “residential”, “extra care”, “community care”, we consider it all “supported living” in the broadest sense: everybody requires and deserves a home and a support network in order to live their life to the full. We are all supported to live our lives – whether we are considered disabled or not.

In our line of work people talk of “supported living” without truly knowing what it means; it has no fixed agreed definition although many think there is one.

There is agreement on the fact that being a supported living provider, you work alongside a housing association. The people you support are tenants of their property and the support provider works within the framework of the tenancy. This makes “supported living” a less restrictive model of care delivery because a tenancy is a legal document. This document inherently promotes the human rights of the tenant within it and tenants can choose who enters their home and at what time, for instance.

Support providers, therefore have less control when delivering “supported living”, which is a good thing. Adjuvo means “assist” and we will never seek to overpower and unsettle people’s lives. For us to do so would represent our sector at its worst and most ineffective. In theory, because in supported living the property and its maintenance is the responsibility of the housing association (unlike in a residential care setting), supported living providers are different. They have more time, a duty and remit to enable people to access the community, engage in hobbies, employment and relationships – the fun stuff that makes life meaningful and enjoyable.

That’s why Adjuvo call ourselves a support living provider:

  • We frequently work with supported housing associations.

  • When doing so, tenancies are the principle guide and framework which guide how, when and why support is delivered.

  • We subscribe to the idea of the Social Model of Disability; life is about much more than medical labels, definitions and stereotypes. “All means All”: we believe in the unending potential of people and it is our duty to support people to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

The important question to ask is: what does “supported living” mean to you? Whatever your answer, whether we work officially with your housing association or not, Adjuvo see it as our pleasure to help your vision come to fruition.

Meal preparation – Fresh, home cooked meals
At Adjuvo we understand everyone has different tastes with likes and dislikes, especially with food. Our team can do your food shopping to ensure your diet is full of all the things you like to eat and enjoy.

Personal care
Personal care can be sensitive and it is our priority to ensure you receive the right support whilst maintaining your privacy and dignity. Our personal care is tailored to the needs of every individual and offers you discrete support with day to day tasks whatever your age or ability. We can be as involved as you need us to be with your personal care and ensure you are comfortable at all times.

We can assist with:
• Washing • Dressing and undressing • Toileting • Grooming (shaving, hair and make-up) • Overseeing medication