Social care company recruitment drive in North Tyneside



A SOCIAL care company is looking to recruitment 10 people per month over the next 6 months after successfully launching a service providing home care support older people in North Tyneside.

Adjuvo Care & Support is growing its workforce as part of its care service for North Tyneside Council. The company, based in Wallsend, is looking to further specialise in palliative care and support for people at the end of their life.

Adjuvo’s Registered Manager Bev Steel said: “We are looking to recruit people with experience in the care sector, but more importantly we want people with both compassion and an understanding for the people we provide the service for.

“Ours can be a tough job dealing with the people at a difficult time of life, however, it is incredibly rewarding when you know you’ve been able to make a difference for the better in someone’s life.”

Adjuvo Care & Support was established in May 2017 and has grown its specialist team of carers across the country.

Adjuvo said: “We recently expanded our service to North Tyneside and in a short time we can see that our approach to care is already making a difference to lives.


“We are passionate at Adjuvo about providing the best care possible and we’ve a great team in the area who are doing just this. We are looking to further expand our model of care in the region.”

Carers working for Adjuvo are paid above average hourly rates and enjoy enhanced responsibilities under a new approach designed to benefit workers and those they care for.

Adjuvo explains: “Our approach is different and we believe it makes the role of support worker more enjoyable and rewarding. It also offers commissioners of services much-needed opportunities to make savings while continuing to provide high quality care for individuals with complex needs.

“Adjuvo support workers have enhanced roles and responsibilities. They are paid more but have a more challenging and varied role.

“First and foremost their job is to ensure the people they care for have the right support and environment in place so they can thrive and lead fulfilling, independent lives.

“Our current team tell us they enjoy having these responsibilities and feel more valued. It also gives them a greater insight into those they care for as they have been more deeply involved in putting their care packages in place.”

Adjuvo, which is Latin for assist or support, provides residential, supported living and rapid response services. Clients are supported with all aspects of day to day living including looking after their home, personal care, and physical and leisure activities.

Adjuvo’s philosophy is to support people to live as independently as possible and make their own choices. Staff also help customers with accessing training, education or employment and going on trips and holidays.