because sometimes, it's the little things that make the difference.

CEO's vision

Hello, my name is Mark Lovell. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Adjuvo a brand new care and support provider working in partnership with like-minded local authorities and CCGs, housing associations and companies willing to invest and work with us to develop high-quality homes and fantastic supported living services.

The team at Adjuvo are proud to be different and ambitious in striving for the best for everybody – you, our customers, their family and friends.

I had worked in social care for a couple of years and seen the best and the worst of the sector. One morning in April 2017 I was out walking my dog, Buddy, when I had a thought: to be able to offer the very best care and support, you must also get their environment right (their home). What is the point of the greatest support worker in the world supporting somebody in an inaccessible poor quality home – or vice versa; the right home and support designed in collaboration with the customer and the people around them has to be the winning formula!

Eureka! Out of that idea, Adjuvo was born. I knew I was on to something but just to double check, so I called my friend and former colleague – George Fielding. We’d work together for years’ campaigning for better wheelchair provision and opportunities for young disabled people, we both share the same appetite for change. Still barely passed 6am I called George. I am not sure how grateful he was at the time, having been in the library all night studying for his finals at university. However, he got the picture and was as enthusiastic as I was. We were off and running.

It’s about attitude. We have to acknowledge the potential of every human being regardless of stereotype, background or ability. What is it that makes life meaningful? The people you love, friends and family, and your hobbies and interests. Everybody needs a home and a support network in order to be able to access their community and flourish as a result. People are far more interesting, exciting and capable than what medical condition they have and the medicines they take.

Our job is to listen to our customers and assist them in taking the lead in shaping their own life – to enable them to have independence, freedom, choice and control, in the knowledge that Adjuvo is in the background championing their cause.

There is an urgent need to improve the quality of care and support across the board and demonstrate what’s possible. Our sector has an unhealthy habit of working in silos, not communication or collaborating. We need health and social care to be a topic that everybody engages in. If it isn’t you that needs our services today, it may well be that somebody you love does require a helping hand.

We strive for everything we do to be understandable, simple and effective because we want and need to engage everybody who has a stake in the lives of those we support in our work – our customers, their family and friends, social workers, registered providers, property investors, commissioners and so on.

Our ability and desire to collaborate is what makes Adjuvo different, not to mention our passion for constant and continuous improvement – we really care about the future of care!

We look forward to working with you.